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Kingfisher PhotosKingfisher the name itself indicates as the fishermen whose work is to catch the fish. Kingfishers are the birds with beautiful bright colors in a small medium size. They are treated as the two groups like the Alcedine or the suborder Alcedine. The Alcedine group mean the single family and the suborder Alcedine which contains the three families like Alcidinidae(river kingfisher), Halyonidae (tree kingfisher), and the last Cerylidae (water kingfisher). But there are about the Ninety species of the kingfisher they have the same structure like the head, sharp and long pointed bills, thick and short tail and the short legs. Most of the kingfisher species are tropical in distribution but more of them are found in the forest. They eat anything as good to eat or they have the fish which is known for. They catch there food by flying only, they catch fish by flying and have their food. Like the other birds they have their nest but they have their nest in the tunnels dug which is naturally made or in the cave holes. Many species have the change in the entire clothing of the bird with the little difference between their gender.