Hairstyle of the Week: Chelsea Kane's Faux Updo

Last week there were a few reader requests to see more wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair. You can browse the mother lode in our hairstyle gallery, but I also had to share this faux updo that Chelsea Kane sported at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. While it looks like Chelsea has her hair in a fancy updo, the Disney star actually has a short, chin-length bob—so there's some trickery going on here. While I couldn't find any good shots of the back of Chelsea's head, I'm going to venture that her hairstylist did a lot of teasing at the crown, then pulled her locks back, pinning and spraying them into place, then leaving a few pieces loose in the front. If your hair is super-short and you're worried about the back looking like a mess of bobby pins, I'd suggest covering them up with a fabric flower,