Amazing Funny Tropical Storm Videos Pictures

Amazing Funny Tropical Storm Videos Pictures , I sat up there for almost an hour, time melting away with each click of my camera. My neighbor came out to let his dog out. I sat up there, quietly, just hoping he wouldn’t look up and see me on my roof in my pajamas. I wasn’t quite sure what I would say. I laughed at myself and just kept shooting. Each time I was ready to pack it up another bolt would streak through the sky, prompting “just one more shot, It was a quiet night, finally. Our son was in bed, there wasn’t anything going on and I was already in my P.J.’s. I was tired, thinking of going to bed early and get a long nights sleep for once (I’m a night owl by nature). Just have to take care of a few chores before sneaking off to bed. I took our dog out the front door for her last walk of the night…that was pretty much what changed my grand plans. First, in Phoenix we endured the reporters who were ordered to fill time and video about the storm, even after it had passed. One correspondent pointed to his dust-covered news van and solemnly indicated that the soil we saw came from the haboob (it looked exactly like most Phoenix cars any day of the week)