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The good thing about The Simpsons is, the adult comedy is 'soft' so the majority of young children can watch it and not understand 'puns' and such things. I believe it is more of a family show than an adult cartoon but it does tend to vary from episode to episode. Futurama is much the same as 'The Simpsons'. It has 'soft' adult humour, most of which a child could hear and not fully understand. Futurama is made by the same creators as 'The Simpsons' so you generally see the same sort of humour. Okay, now 'Famiy Guy' is a different story. I don't think any child up to the age of about 14 should be allowed to watch this show. It is crude, distasteful yet somehow funny. If I had kids, I wouldn't let them watch it. I think that some of this show is clever but only for an adults eyes. Children wouldn't be able to fully understand and/or separate the fiction from the reality of this show. 'Family Guy' is definitely not a 'Family Show'.