Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircuts Styles Pictures in 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircuts Styles Pictures in 2012, On the field we have many examples where we can certainly say that Ronaldo is a shrewd contriver. He reads the situation extremely well and makes his move accordingly. His opportunistic attitude towards goal making has fetched him many goals to his cap, over the years. But there are other side of him too that projects him as an arrogant person. His relation with Man United coach Sir Alex during his last season of 2012 reached at all time low where he was accused of misconduct and bad demeanor. The entire spat started with him expressing his desire to leave Manchester and shift to Real Madrid (Spain). Sir Alex didn’t want to lose a quality player like Ronaldo and tried to persuade him to stay. But things didn’t get normal instead began to deteriorate with Ronaldo casting aspersions about his coach in public. Things got ugly and dirty until he was granted the transfer.