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Fallen Solider and His Military Dog Killed in Action Bu‪ried Together, Charlie Sheen is ALL over the media. Whoop-dee-doo. Another nut Hollywood actor. Are we really that surprised?

Here’s something that matters: do we as society remember that there’s still a war going on Afghanistan? Kory was so fond of Cooper that even after Kory’s military obligations expired, he decided to stay long enough till Cooper’s career as a bomb sniffing dog ended.

Then a tragedy…

One day, Kory and Cooper came across an IED (improvised explosive device, or “home made” bomb), and they both died at the scene.

To honor Kory and Cooper, their bodies were buried together. And the Army has dedicated a dog park in memory of the duo at Fort Carson, south of Colorado Springs. There is no honor in fighting. There is no honor in wars. There is no honor in killing. The tragic thing about this war (or any war) is that there are victims, including dogs who serve alongside the soliders

Dogs are increasingly being targeted by the enemies as they are very good at detecting bombs, weapons, and enemies.