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This is a funny and yet sad commentary on social Darwinism and how America is on the down slide. I found the kid to be very funny. Funny as all HECK. The kid has a funny sense of sarcasm that went way over the heads of nearly everyone who responded. The kid is just fine, but its the grownups that are giving me acid reflux. If an old geezer like me had said he felt like kicking his dog, everyone would have gotten it. They would have known it was just meant figuratively. Even after the kid said that he was only being sarcastic, they still thought he was talking literally. As my Great Aunt Nelly would say, "God Bless 'Em".

A famous Dem. Pundit used to use the expression "makes you want to slap your grandma!" I don't think he ever got accused of inciting violence though. It never provoked such a reaction because it was obvious that this was so absurd that it couldn't be taken in the literal sense. Funny cats with machine guns, Cat With Machine Gun, Cat Machine Gun Video, crazy cat - Funny Pictures, Funny montage of a cat with a machine gun.