Funny Facebook Status updates. Ideas for funny facebook statuses!

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We can't vouch that all of these are real (in fact we hope some of them aren't) but these are the funniest Facebook status scenarios we've ever seen. They had us hiding in shame while bursting out laughing. Slidepoll , Facebook Status , Facebook Funny , Facebook Lol , Facebook Snafu , Facebook Snafus , Funny Facebook , Funny Facebook Posts , Lol Facebook , Slidepollajax , Comedy News, Some very funny hilarious pics of facebook fails. These face book fails are of stupid but funny statuses with funny comments from friends. They are real facebook fail print screens. One has a very embarrasing mom comment the status, another leaves someone looking stupid and embarrased on their status. A woman makes a funny mistake by talking about her boss on a facebook status and in a facebook wtf, someone uploads photos at a funeral!