Hair Styles at When Rainy Season | Hairstyles Show

Rain can damage the most fabulous hairstyle even in very libas. If it’s like this, hair should be kept away from the wax or gel because the hair will be flat and sticky when exposed to rain or moisture droplets. Instead, choose a lightweight styling spray that leaves no residue or buildup so impressed limp hair. Keep a mini brush, hair tie and clamps to cope with the messy hair when it rains. This entry was posted in Women Hairstyles and tagged 2011 hairstyles, hair, hair care, Hair health, hair look beautiful, hairstyles. Bookmark the permalink. For you women you certainly do not want that until your hair is dry due to the activities you do every day. Especially for those who work in the field. Although you are working in the field. Hair health and beauty is the pride that will be felt by women. Therefore let’s make your hair healthy again! "A good 'rainy day' hairstyle is to part your hair to the side, pull it back into a low bun, and accessorize it with some cute hair accessories," says Irene. Heather Morris' hairstyle is super chic, and it'll definitely hold up well in the rain. And if you want to add even more life to your hairstyle on a bleak and dreary day, twirl pieces of hair around bright lacquered hair sticks before you stick them into your hairstyle, says Hawkins. It's a fun way to mix things up a bit.

Bonus "rainy day" tip: use makeup to "focus the attention on your eyes and lips instead," says stylist Anthony Cristiano. Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of this.