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Across the globe, different people with different cultures and traditions wear their hair differently, thus the different hairstyles. For instance, Asia is rich in culture and history, which contributes to a number of hairstyles in the continent. Most women from Asia have straight, flat, silky and soft hair.

Because most Asian women have straight, silky black hair, you need to think twice when getting an Asian hairstyle. You need to be aware of that Asian hairs are absorbent and permeable. In addition, Asian hairs are resistant to curling and hair colors. Asian women are more often conservative when it comes to hairstyles – they like wearing their hair long and natural.
Here are a couple of Asian hairstyles that you might want to chose from, based on what the features of your hair are versus that of Asian women. In the ancient times, Asian women only wear their hair long and straight due to some traditions and cultural restrictions. As times fly, more and more women love curls while wearing their hair long. Before technology was even available, women used rollers or curlers, wearing them overnight, for a curly look in the morning. For the curls to stay in place, women apply hairspray to the curls. With the advancement of the technology, their resistant-to-curling hair can now be curled or what we call “permed”. These perm machines almost curl the hair permanently, and gave Asian women a whole new look. However, unlike rollers and hairspray, it will take you about six months to get rid of the curls. With rollers or curlers, you just wash your hair to get rid of the hairspray and you hair is straight again.