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Taylor's hair is definitely shorter and the sleek blowout looks stunning on the normally curly-haired star! Taylor Swift debuts new haircut with a soft fringe of bangs. Taylor Swift got a haircut and tweeted a photo of her lovely new long-layered style. The cut features long, angled layers in the front, with. Try on Taylor Swift's hairstyles with our virtual hair styling system. View hair styling tips for Taylor Swift's hairstyles. Taylor Swift has undergone a haircut. What do you think of the bangs and the layering? Taylor Swift was just nominated for three Grammys, but the country star has something else to be excited about -- her new haircut! Bangs are definitely back. Add Taylor Swift to the list of country superstars sporting shorter hair up front, as she tweeted this new haircut picture, taylor swift haircut games, taylor swift hair tutorial, carrie underwood haircut, miley cyrus haircut, taylor swift new look, taylor swift's hair cut, how does taylor swift get her hair curly, taylor swift hairstyles.