Bob Hairstyles: The 20 Hottest Bobs of 2012

Bob hairstyles remain a hot hairstyle trend for 2012. Find out the 20 hottest bobs of 2012 including the demi-bob, the long bob, chin-grazing bobs and more. Bob Haircuts are trendy and have been around for what seems like forever. A “bob cut” is the short haircut in which the hair is usually cut straight around the head to about the jaw. Sometimes the bob is cut with bangs, and sometimes not. The bob made it’s appearance in pop culture and gained it’s notoriety in the United States, when early 1920s movie starlets were turning up in pictures and on the red carpet with the still popularly worn “do”. Seen as a mark of the independent woman and he sassy short haired style, woman were flocking to their stylists to emulate the stylish look.

When contemplating the type of bob haircut that one should have, a few factors need to be considered. Varying face shapes, age, and level of desired maintenance are all things that help the stylist decide which of the bob hairstyles will fit the individual the best. Depending on what kind of look a person is going for, there are different bob cuts. If you find yourself at the salon and you are not quite sure what kind of style of bob that will look the best on you, or that you will be prepared to “fix” on a daily basis, then you should start out with a bob that is of medium length. If you have longer hair and are seeking to get that bob hairstyle, but haven’t cut your hair short in years, you may be quite shocked by the outcome. Having your stylist cut off a little bit at a time will ease you into your new style. Worst case scenario, you will have to wait a few weeks until your hair grows back.

If you’re wondering why the Bob hairstyle is so trendy, it may be due to the fact that there are various styling options for bobs available. Bob haircuts can be tailored to suit your face shape and work with all your features. Bobs with or without bangs, side or straight parts, straight or curly, angled or sleek, ear length or long, the bob style haircut is has stood the test of time and is here to stay. Bobs are more easily manageable. They can be washed, dried and ready within minutes. Bobs have an advantage over the other hairstyles that are medium to long.

It is a great hair style that can be worn in so many different ways. It is fun to wear daring bobs like the asymmetrical bob. If you add highlights along with volume, you’ll make this, or any bob look absolutely amazing. Short bob hairstyles can be worn casually or formally, making them so unique. Bobs are the epitome of hairstyles. hairstyles for round faces,
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