Cool Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery Picture

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After. Angelina has always declared that a celebrity plastic surgery is not a right thing for her. An American actress Angelina Jolie is exceedingly beautiful, strikingly talented performer,She Is Academy Award winner,U.N. Good will Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

She has received three Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an Academy Award. Jolie has promoted humanitarian causes throughout the world, and is noted for her work with refugees through UNHCR. She has been cited as one of the world's most beautiful women and her off-screen life is widely reported.

Angelina Jolie is daughter of Two extremely photogenic parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. There are many rumors saying that Angelina Jolie have had some plastic surger procedures.

Looking these Angelina´s pictures when se was younger, she was maybe less thin what makes her features to look more soft than now, although, there is a very subtle difference on her nose. Her nose looks definitively thinner in the tip and it could be the result of nose surgery. Some people are also saying that she has cheek implants, but as we were saying before, a weight difference can accentuate facial features. You’ll notice that her nose got thinner and her cheeks fuller…possibly indicators of a nose joband cheek implants. About her lips, we think they are 100% natural and not because lip augmentation, as you can see in the pictures comparing before and after.

Anyhow, her whole appearance is the same, for any procedure that she could have, congratulations to the surgeon for a great job. Her full lips are the product of good genes, although her nose and cheeks may have had a little help from the surgeon over the years.

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