Cool Windows 7 RC Wallpapers & Desktop Backgrounds

I just finished installing the Windows 7 Release Candidate (Build 7100) and it took me just 23 minutes to install it from start to finish. That’s pretty incredible in my opinion. Of course the very first thing I checked is to see if there is any new wallpapers & desktop backgrounds and the unfortunate answer is NO. I have not found any new pictures in the RC build that were not already in the prior builds. animated desktop backgrounds for windows 7, awesome desktop backgrounds for windows 7, desktop backgrounds free,
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As you probably are aware, I have been uploading all the Windows 7 wallpapers as I find them. However, there has been no easy way to download all of them at once. Now you can. Simply visit my “Windows 7 Wallpapers” page to download a complete .zip file of all the pictures that I currently have. I’ll be updating the file as I find more. If you know of some photos that I missed, please let me know. Latest wallpapers of window 7 and beautiful natural wallpapers and also use desktop wallpapers of your computer and laptop free download, This windows 7 desktop wallpaper depicts a peaceful island that any traveler’s heart would crave for. It shows vast distances of water overlapped by reefs here and there. There are white wads of cotton wool like clouds in the distance amidst the serene blue sky. If you have set your heart to visiting a similar dream land, apply this wallpaper to your desktop so that it reminds you now and then of enjoying your weekend in a seaside island in rustic solitude.